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For Restaurant Chains

Solutions that keep your kitchens running smoothly

At Ireland Fresh we are obsessed by the eating out market - From QSR to fast casual and street food, we're on a constant journey to bring the latest food trends to our customers. 

We have worked with restaurant chains across Europe to develop solutions that delight their consumers, work efficiently in their kitchens and are safe and easy to handle. 
No chefs? No problem. Our partner suppliers specifically develop solutions that can be heated and assembled in minutes - with minimum training and absolutely no compromise on quality.

Some of the solutions we have worked on for our customers:
- Pre-portioned meat and vegan alternatives - no more food waste!
- Gourmet, homestyle burgers that look and taste like they were made in-house
- Melt-in-your-mouth Sous Vide products that can be cooked to order in 2 minutes.
- Artisan bakery items, IQF and ready to be baked off in house
- Premium, American style desserts, 80% prepped with piping bags to allow chefs to add their final flourish.

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