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For Food Importers

Your One-Stop-Shop for sourcing from Ireland

At Ireland Fresh we think Irish food producers are among the best in the world - and we want everyone to know about it! That's why we work with some of the best, most innovative producers that this country has to offer.

We specifically source solutions for the foodservice industry and will work with our partners to develop private label products according to your exact requirements. In addition to developing the products, we also organise all transport for getting the goods directly to your warehouse. 

For our customers this saves time as they can source from all over Ireland while only dealing with one contact person.

Services offered by Ireland Fresh for Wholesalers:
- Product Sourcing - whatever you need, we'll find it!
- Menu Development - based on the latest food trends
- Development of private label products
- Development of high quality, convenience solutions specifically adapted for use in commercial kitchens.
- Product training for your Sales Team.
- Consolidation and transport between Ireland and Mainland Europe.

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